The most delicious Golden Milk



  • Heat up (froth) 200 ml (vegan) Milk 
  • Scoop 1 tablespoon of CURCUMAMA Golden Milk Blend in your favorite mug
  • Add a small splash of the hot Milk and stir well
  • Add the rest of the hot (frothed) Milk

Your Golden Milk is READY!

Serve with a Spoon! (So you can stir your Golden Milk gently every now and then)


Golden Tips:

  • You can use your favorite milk! 
    Such as: Oat milk, Rice milk or Coconut milk.

  • Make sure the milk is pretty hot, the spices will release more of their
    flavour and the Golden Milk will become more creamy.



A heartwarming golden drink, suitable for any moment.